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“JESUS LOVES EVERYBODY: ESPECIALLY ME” Winner of The 2012 Sharp Writ Book Awards In this first book of the JESUS LOVES EVERYBODY book series,

author Nicole Benoit-Roy delivers in four short stories the way a child looks at the world while learning the message of God’s eternal love.

This series includes:

Jesus Loves Me: All About My Needs Jesus Loves You: All About Meal Time Jesus Loves My Mommy: All About Location

Jesus Loves My Daddy: All About Responsibility

A companion coloring book to this title is available.

The book is available in English French, and Spanish!

What Others Have Said

“This book will capture a young child’s attention while introducing them to simple academic concepts and Christian values. Definitely a great addition to any kid’s recreational activities and also good for teachers working with children in a non-secular setting.”

—Amazon customer

“This book is great for beginning readers. The repetition of simple words helps to build confidence in their reading ability. And, it builds on their belief. It’s a simple story with a powerful message. The coloring book by the same title allows children to personalize the story to fit their own world. A great bedtime story!”


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